Relevant Projects

Over the years, we have worked for a wide variety of companies in numerous industries. This representative list of past projects demonstrates the versatility of the approach we bring to providing engineering solutions to structural mechanics problems. Our clients know that we will respond promptly and professionally when called upon to assist them.

Design and Fabrication Support

Platform Hillhouse

T&B designed a new workover drilling rig capable of skidding in two directions and rotating 360 degrees. Full design drawings, finite element analyses and design calculations were completed both for the drilling rig and the corresponding offshore platform. Thomas and Beers worked this project through from concept to final installation offshore including working closely with the fabricator. Additionally, T&B designed a three-arm power cable articulating system capable of providing power cables to all wells without rig disconnection. Also included was the design implementation of a temporary Seatrax crane to be used offshore for the demolition of the existing rig and the installation of the new drilling rig.

Marine Structures

Pit River Dam Retrofit

This project involved the installation of nine slide gates into the face of existing gates on this dam in the Sierra Mountains, part of a hydroelectric generating network. Thomas and Beers designed a steel cofferdam system for the repair phase of the project. The portable steel cofferdam assembly was fabricated offsite, transported to the dam, sunk into position, flooded, attached to the dam and de-watered, allowing the contractor (Longitude 123, Inc.) to make repairs to the dam face.

Pipeline Engineering Support

Oakland Bay Bridge DFM Reroute

A repair study was performed to review the installation methods for the 10.75” OD x 0.438” pipeline repair near the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge. One of the primary purposes of the review was to establish lifting points, loads and lifting profiles for the replacement/relocation of the 10 inch gas line. T&B did the pipeline lifting engineering as well as the repair study.

Industrial Structural Design

Paper Products Plant

T&B is the primary civil engineering service provider for a large paper products plant. Designs include multiple major plant modifications including cranes, conveyor supports, cogen plant upgrades, new platforms and stairs, and major upgrades and additions to the existing buildings. Also designed modifications to the plant air intake system, a new rail car enclosure, acid tank system, and bleach tank system. Other projects have included major machine modifications, ducting & air handling replacement, crane design and inspection, roof modifications, equipment supports, heavy lift analysis, seismic review of major tanks and other structural steel design.

Project Management

Platform Gail and Platform Grace

This project included the development of budgets, schedules and associated cost controls for platform upgrades and drilling rig set up for the plug and abandonment of the Platform Gail and Platform Grace.  Scope included coordination with the management team, drilling team, platform operations and contractor team members. Project planning and construction oversight of contract personnel were key roles while performing facility upgrades, drilling equipment installations, heavy lift plans, logistical planning and living quarters renovation simultaneously.

Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis

Platform Holly

T&B performed nonlinear transient dynamic analysis of Platform Holly, using 1,000 year  return period seismic time-history accelerations as input. The stability of the platform was evaluated, and  margins of safety with respect to joint strength were calculated. Existing joint strength equations were modified to incorporate increased capacity due to grout in platform leg annulus. T&B performed nonlinear plastic analysis of typical joint geometry to demonstrate residual strength and designed and evaluated drill deck and supplemental structures for proposed drilling program loads. Additional work included the design of a substructure and associated support structures for new derrick. T&B also analyzed and evaluated the retrofit of new derrick for use offshore.

Offshore Decommissioning

Platform Hondo

T&B provided structural and logistic engineering services for the demolition of a drilling rig on Platform Hondo. The project included temporary design and procedure development for the installation of a land-based crane that was used to dismantle the existing drilling rig. A temporary elevated frame was designed and installed to carry the operating loads from the land crane into the platform framing members. Clearance and sequencing studies were performed to validate approach prior to offshore work. Full scale mock-up tests were performed and multiple site visits completed to insure a successful and safe decommissioning.

Structural Evaluation

Heerema Riser Pull-in System

This project involved a finite element analyses and structural evaluation of a mobile trolley handling assembly that is an integral part of a large-scale offshore riser pull-in system. Thomas & Beers performed the analytical evaluations at the request of the client, who was responsible for the overall design and implementation of the riser pull-in system.  The evaluation included analyzing and calculating capacities for the system at the dynamic jack capacity of the system (2,890 kips), and at the full rated breaking strength of the pull-in chain (4,890 kips) throughout the full range of operational rotations.

Forensic Engineering, Replacement and Mitigation Design

1 – Carpinteria Pier Pile Repair

Evaluation of and development of concepts to repair an existing supply pier after a failed pile episode.  The project involved design and installation of a temporary jack pile system to stabilize the structure, followed by installation of a permanent replacement pile to restore the original “as-designed” capacity at the pier bent.

2 – Boat Landing Repair and Remediation

Structural analyses and designs for several offshore boat landings where repair or removal was necessary due to ongoing and developing fatigue and/or corrosion degradation.  Work included development of temporary stabilization procedures as well as removal techniques and procedures. Specific Offshore Platforms where mitigation was required include Hillhouse, Heritage, and Irene.

3 – Offshore Crane Replacement

Analytical evaluation and design of pedestal crane replacements for several offshore platforms including Eva, Holly, and Platforms A, B, and C (pending).  Projects included working with operators to decide on choosing a compatible replacement crane, evaluation and demolition of the existing crane, and installation of new crane.  Analytical evaluations of the cranes and platforms was performed using the latest API recommended practices.  A full set of installation and fabrication construction drawings were developed.

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