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Oil Industry Projects

Platform Holly - Venoco, Incorporated
Performed nonlinear transient dynamic analysis of Platform Holly, using seismic time-history accelerations as input. Evaluated the stability of the platform, and calculated margins of safety with respect to joint strength. Modified existing joint strength equations to incorporate increased capacity due to grout in platform leg annulus. Performed nonlinear plastic analysis of typical joint geometry to demonstrate residual strength. Designed and evaluated drill deck and supplemental structures for proposed drilling program loads. Designed substructure and associated support structures for new derrick. Analyzed and evaluated retrofit of new derrick for use offshore.

Platform Gina - Unocal, Inc./Torch Operating Company
Performed a complete structural evaluation of Platform Gina including response spectrum seismic analysis, wave and current environmental loading, and production and drilling deck static loads. Documented the results for presentation to the U.S. Mineral Management Service. Evaluated the repair procedures for a subsea pipeline including buoyancy design and stress analysis. Designed cantilever deck extension and control room, including preparation of construction drawings, and installation procedures. Designed and analyzed cantilevered flare boom system.

Platform Hogan -Pacific Offshore Operators Inc.
Performed a structural evaluation of Platform Hogan for re-activating a major drilling program after a 15 years period without drilling. Worked with drilling engineer to establish drilling loads and audited platform for existing loads. The revised load data was correlated to existing seismic re-qualification reports based on API RP 2A Section 17 trial criteria. Documented the comparative study and represented Pacific Offshore Operators at meetings with the U.S. Mineral Management Service.

Post-earthquake Structural Inspection of Offshore Platforms - Unocal, Inc.
Performed API-RP-2A Level I structural inspection of all Unocal offshore platforms located in southern California (11 total) following the January 1994 Northridge earthquake. Subsequently prepared comprehensive structural inspection report for submittal to U.S. Mineral Management

Marlim P-33 & P-35 Turret Mooring System - Imodco/Petrobras, Brazil
Performed three dimensional finite element analysis of MPDU swivel system and boss assemblies. Provided structural design for the winch systems, deflectors and structural foundations used to install the main mooring lines and risers and to support the diving operation.

Platform Hondo Structural Modifications - Exxon Company, U.S.A.
Performed numerous design, analysis, and field inspection services for modifications to Platform Hondo necessary to implement new shipping pumps and associated piping equipment. Specific items included design and field verification of shipping pump skids, structural modifications to cellar deck framing for new equipment, piping analysis per ANSI B31.3 of new pipe runs, and design of pipe supports. Also assisted Exxon project engineers in miscellaneous structural analysis and design tasks as required as the project proceeded through the design and construction phases.

Challis Single Anchor Leg Mooring System - Imodco/BHP, Australia
Performed t00 dimensional finite element analysis of major Single Anchor Leg Mooring System (SALM) mechanical components, including primary mechanical joints, structural members, and piping. Also involved in analyzing the transportation and installation procedures for the SALM system.

Auger Tension Leg Platform - Vetco Gray/Bardex/Shell Oil
Performed strength and fatigue analysis of the Auger TLP tendon top connector. Also performed preliminary design and analysis of the riser tensioning system. Performed structural evaluation of the Tendon Installation Porch, a structural steel frame mounted on the TLP, used during installation of the tendons.

Los Flores-Nitrogen Tank Foundation Design - Exxon Company, U.S.A.
Performed analysis and design of concrete foundation for Nitrogen and Vaporizer tank skid at the Los Flores Canyon facility. Project included seismic evaluation of tanks, and check for adequacy of tank manufacturer structural tie-downs. Prepared design calculations and construction drawings which were submitted to and reviewed by the County of Santa Barbara.

Platform Eva - Unocal, Inc./Torch Operating Company
Analyzed and designed a new heliport and quarters for increased payload and updated for seismic loads. Responsible for final designs of two major production deck extensions for water-flood tanks and new electrical equipment. Reviewed and modified engineering designs for a new 44 ton offshore crane system. Developed repair procedures for subsea cracks in a primary platform jacket member. Audited all new loads to verify the design was within the criteria developed during the seismic re-qualification.

Platform Esther - Unocal, Inc./Torch Operating Company
Analyzed production deck for increased loading associated with new water flood equipment. Checked drill deck members for new drilling program loading. Designed supports for deck mounted jib crane and designed extensive a monorail crane system.

Jolliet Tension Leg Platform - Vetco Gray/Conoco
Performed strength and fatigue analysis of TLP tendon terminal connections and structural interface with platform and foundation. Included full 3D analysis of the system components, and preparation of a formal report, documenting the structural evaluation.

Platform Gilda -Unocal, Inc./Torch Operating Company
Analyzed southern end of platform Gilda with new drilling and production deck extensions. Established safe working loads on decks with the added extensions. Designed new platform for electrical transformer and drives. Developed and executed test procedure for rating the heliport deck.

Platforms A, B and C - Unocal, Inc./Torch Operating Company
Coordinated inspection, field survey, and rig capacity analysis for drilling rigs on Platforms A, B and C. Mast capacities were established using the actual surveyed geometry and the finite element method. Designed all rig modifications required to add a top drive to the drilling system. On Platform C, performed analysis of drilling deck for an extreme load drilling program, and designed platform structural modifications based on this analysis. Analyzed and evaluated new flare boom systems to verify strength and cable supports.

Platform Hondo and OS&T - Exxon
Designed gin-pole crane assemblies for installation of new lifeboats and davits on Platform Hondo and the OS&T. Provided engineering support for a new fire protection system. Designed a cantilevered platform used to support a new hawser winch system. Designed the installation aids and protection devices for the installation of a 80' replacement vessel centered in the OS&T. Seismic review of base plates and anchor bolt designs for chemical tanks. Strength analysis of OS&T yoke radial hinge and scaffolding modifications. Conceptual design of chemical storage concrete pad at spare parts warehouse.

Carigali-Dulang Turret Mooring System -Imodco/Carigali/Exxon
Performed finite element analysis of all structural, mechanical, and piping components in a turret-type offshore tanker mooring system. Prepared formal documentation of the structural evaluation for the owner.

Offshore Jack-Up Drilling Rigs - Santa Fe Drilling Company
Analyzed and designed impact resistant panels to protect personnel and equipment on lower levels of jack-up drilling rig. Other work has included design and analysis of a conductor support platform, which is a structural steel frame for personnel access and lateral support of the drilling conductor.

Offshore Platform Crane Funded Study - Unocal, Inc.
Analyzed and designed a substructure for a new 70 ton crane on platform "B." The crane substructure is cantilevered off the drill deck and supported from below with kickers to the production deck. The design was verified for strength and fatigue using API RP 2A methodology and the results of a detailed finite element study. As an alternate to new crane, the existing crane was evaluated in detail.

Platform Edith - Unocal, Inc./Torch Operating Company
Analyzed and designed a repair system for two existing boat landings that were damaged in service. The finite element method was used to determine the load distribution, establish wave loading, and analyze the new clamps and components. Designed a new drilling rig substructure to support a land based drilling rig.

Granite Point Platform - Unocal Alaska, Inc.
Performed complete structural review and evaluation of existing drilling structures for major drilling program. Designed the necessary structural modifications to upgrade drilling structures for new loads and current drilling practices. Included in the evaluation were the drill deck, skid base, substructure, and pipe racks. Performed field inspecti´┐Ż´┐Żnd provided project management for Unocal during construction phase. Later, evaluated platform trusses to establish the maximum setback loads allowed during skidding.

ONGC Bombay High Field - Vetco Gray/ONGC of India
Designed and analyzed an offshore oil subsea production template including main structure, joints, and piling. Project included design and installation of the foundation, template, and manifold.

Platform Bruce - Unocal Alaska, Inc.
Analyzed and evaluated the drilling substructure and pony structure for a major drilling program. Designed structural modifications to upgrade the structures to meet current code requirements.

Conoco Belida Mooring System - Imodco/Conoco
Performed finite element analyses of all major structural components in an offshore tanker mooring system. Included in the analyses were the main buoy, mooring arm, pipe arm and balance arm.

AGIP Nigeria Flare Buoy - Imodco/AGIP
Using finite element analysis, performed structural evaluation of an offshore flare buoy. Included in the analyses were the main buoy decks, piping attachments, and installation procedures and aids.

Platform Hillhouse - Unocal, Inc./Torch Operating Company
Developed the structural design concepts, drawings, and construction support to add a top drive mechanism to the existing drilling system. Also evaluated the drilling rig for seismic loads and anchoring. Developed repair and implemented procedures for a damage drilling mast

Bridge Design and Analysis - Shell Western Exploration & Production
Three types of bridges were evaluated for various types of loading. The strength of a concrete traffic bridge was evaluated for a one time extreme load condition. Also, two pipeline cable suspension bridges and a pedestrian bridge were reviewed to calculate structural margins of safety.

350' Span Pipeline Bridge - Seneca Resource/Grubbs Engineering
Designed a 350' span pipeline cable bridge over a creek/ravine. Designed cables, frames, foundation, installations methods and assisted in construction support.

Offshore Drilling Rig Equipment - Bardex
Performed detailed finite element analysis of chain latching system. Designed preliminary structural concepts for a 330 ton BOP (Blow out preventer) fork transporter for a semi-submersible drill rig.


Marine and Offshore Engineering Projects

FEA of Ship-mounted Crane System - Western Instruments Corp.
Extensive finite element analysis of a ship-mounted, mobile retractable crane assembly was performed. The analyses included an overall system level analysis to determine the global response to payload and ship motions, as well as detailed component level analysis utilizing 3D finite element models of individual components.

Design and Analysis of Subsea Hull Test Specimen - Eastport International
Analyzed and designed a deployment and cradle system for a submarine weld procedure test specimen. A 30 foot long pressurized submarine facsimile was run to a depth of 6,000' to evaluate the ability of the welded hull to resist external pressure. The structural evaluation included dynamic analysis of the running string and specimen, as well as the structural steel design of the specimen cradle.

Dynamic / Thermal Analysis of Marine Pressure Vessel - SAIC Maripro/ESL
A cylindrical pressure vessel designed to carry an electrical payload was analyzed and evaluated under external pressure, differential temperature, and mechanical shock loading. The project included static, modal, shock response spectrum, and thermal finite element analyses.

Impact Analysis of Harbor Barrier Mooring System - Eastport International
Using the finite element program SEADYN, a cable mooring design of a proposed harbor barrier system was analyzed. The loading consisted of the sudden impact of a terrorist boat, attempting to penetrate the barrier system. The dynamic solution required extremely small load steps due to the sudden nature of the impact event.

Subsea Control Pod Stability Analysis - Oceaneering
A 48 inch diameter control pod for a hydraulic control system was evaluated for stability under external pressure loading generated at a water depth of 200 feet. Hand calculations and finite element analyses were used to generate recommended design modifications to ensure an adequate safety margin.

Dynamic Analysis of Running String Configurations - Eastport International
Dynamic analyses of numerous configurations have been performed for payloads suspended on running strings in an ocean environment. The primary purpose of the evaluations are to determine the effect of current and wave forces on the structural system with respect to displaced shape and stress in the running string. Prediction of resonant response to the dynamic loading is one of the primary concerns.

Structural and Buckling Analysis of Subsea Titanium Sphere - SAIC Maripro
Evaluated the buckling characteristics of a titanium sphere that was deployed subsea. The analysis considered the effects of initial imperfections in tolerances and manufacturing procedures that result in a non-spherical configuration.

Finite Element Analysis of Subsea Cable Plow Sled - Western Instruments Corp.
Structural review of subsea plow used to lay offshore cable. A computer model of the plow was used to calculate the limits of side loading that could be applied to the sled while maintaining adequate safety factors.


General Industry and Aerospace Projects

3D FEA of Roller Bearing Assembly for Space Station - AEC Able Engineering
Performed finite element analysis of a roller bearing element which is part of a main bearing assembly used in the spacestation. The bearing assembly provides for rotation of solar panel arrays. Gaps, solids, and bolt elements were used to characterize the bearing behavior under preload, thermal, and mechanical loading.

Salt River Siphon Replacement Project - PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.
Performed structural evaluation of internal bracing system for 21 foot diameter underground siphon pipe that will run beneath the Salt River in Phoenix, AZ. Evaluated weld connection details using finite element analysis. Determined load carrying capacity of prestressed concrete bridge for crane transport loading.

Industrial Plant Equipment Design and Modification - Proctor & Gamble/IPC
General engineering support for the Proctor and Gamble paper products plant. Designed a major plant modification including conveyor supports, new platforms and stairs, and major upgrades to the existing buildings. Also designed modifications to the plant air intake system, a new rail car enclosure and a bleach tank system. Other projects have included machine modification, crane design and inspection, roof modifications, equipment supports, heavy lift analysis, seismic review of all major tanks and other structural steel design.

3D FEA of Turbo-expander Housing - Mafi-Trench Corp.
Using finite elements, analyzed and evaluated the stress and displacement characteristics of a pressure housing which is an integral part of a turbo-expander assembly. The analysis used solid, bolt, and gap elements to determine separation, stresses, and displacements in the housing and mating flanges.

Space Shuttle Metal Seal Design and Analysis - Vetco Gray/Morton Thiokol
Performed structural analysis and design of an alternate metal-to-metal seal design for use in the solid rocket motors of the space shuttle. Seals were devised for both the nozzle and field joints. The feasibility of the metal seal design, structurally and functionally, was demonstrated with finite element analysis.

Coffee Processing Plant - Pepsi International
Evaluated all major equipment in a new coffee processing plant for seismic and general loading conditions. Major equipment included a 100' tall sterilizing tower, tanks, platforms, conveyors and equipment.

Industrial Plant Design and Expansion - General Electric Plastics/IPC
Designed a structural steel framework system to accommodate a new plastics product line. Project included the design of a 3 story framework, machine supports, access platforms, stairs and a rail car fall protection system.

"Jaws" Amusement Park Ride - Eastport Inter./Universal Studios
Assisted in the structural design and analysis of several key components of a new design of the Universal Studios "Jaws" amusement park ride. Performed analysis, structural evaluation, and prepared necessary manufacturing drawings.

"Jurassic Park" Amusement Park Ride - Spectra FX/Universal Studios
Assisted in the structural design and analysis of several key components of a new design of the Universal Studios "Jurassic" amusement park ride.

Dynamic Analysis of Surgical Burs and Blades - Zimmer, Hall Surgical Division
Finite element analysis of burs and blades used in the medical industry to cut bone during surgery. Dynamic analysis identified resonant characteristics that could be modified to minimize vibration.

Test Chamber Structural Design and Review - Ransco
Assisted Ransco in the design of automotive test chambers and wind tunnels. Specific work included equipment support, building systems, and vibration analysis.



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